Liberty virtual Proof of Technology on Jan 11, 2017

WebSphere development team is winding up work on Liberty version As usual we will be doing a webcast to explain all the great new stuff, and let you get your hands on a product download and a set of labs. In this version we have a typically broad spread of new capabilities: enhancements to the runtime as well as the different tools that are provided for application development, for migration and system administration.

Please join us on 11th January 2017 to learn about Liberty and our latest function, and to see for yourself how simple and powerful this application server really is. You can download Liberty and play with it on your own, or you can attend online North America WebSphere Liberty Proof of Technology on January 11, 2017 from 1pm – 3pm EST.

Once you register, you will get an email a couple of days before the event with the download link for labs. This event is run every quarter and covers new (and old) features available in the product. The labs are preceded by a short presentation summarizing latest enhancements. WebSphere experts will be on the call to take your questions and to support you with step-by-step labs. You can see a list of labs and detailed description in this blog post, but here is an abbreviated list:

  • Setup and discovery
  • Admin Center
  • Jython scripting
  • Monitoring and diagnostics
  • Static clustering
  • Auto scaling and dynamic clustering
  • Dynamic routing
  • Security
  • HTTP Plugin
  • Simple development
  • Migration toolkit
  • JDBC
  • JMS
  • Custom extension
  • WebCache
  • WebSocket
  • JavaBatch
  • Liberty on Bluemix cloud
  • API discovery
  • Embedded runtimes
  • App Accelerator
  • API publish
  • Hello Docker
  • Windows service discovery for Liberty


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