Migrating from Pivotal tc Server on-prem to IBM Liberty in the cloud

I have written about migrations and the increasing use of the cloud to optimize workloads, but this article combines these topics as experienced by a major USA based airline company. The IBM migration team was called in to evaluate what was required to move an existing workload using tc Server (based on Tomcat) to the IBM Cloud.

The airline company was trying to create a new mobile check-in solution hosted on the cloud, to improve availability in peak usage check-in times which are unpredictable during any given time in the week. They saw the cloud as the way to accomplish this without maintaining costly disaster recovery centers.

Although the original mandate was to move the existing mobile web services to the Cloud “as is”, given the ease in migrating to the cloud they realized that by migrating from tc Sever to WebSphere Liberty they would get even better support and performance characteristics. This final migration to the WAS Liberty Buildpack on IBM Bluemix Public was completed in only one day. So what are the advantages they’ll realize with this new solution:

  • Lower overall cost because of the usage based cost model, reduced administration cost, removing hardware, OS, middleware and other usual datacenter costs
  • Unlimited scalability by leveraging Liberty Buildpack scaling policies
    Automatic disaster recovery by using Bluemix built-in free DR capabilities across multiple zones
  • Faster time to market – new applications can be deployed in a matter of minutes, not weeks
  • Higher security – Liberty runtime provides more multi-factor security model and Bluemix has built-in security tools, including automated vulnerability assessment, DoS protection, etc.

To read the full story and gain insights into the specific technical steps accomplished please see the summary presentation, you’ll find here:

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