Moving Java Applications to the Cloud – Free Workshop

I’ve written previously about the benefits of moving Java workloads to the cloud and a New York City workshop that the IBM Hybrid Cloud Migration Team was delivering to help clients make this move. The workshop was incredibly well received and the team has since added several more cities to their schedule. Right now they’ve got the following dates and locations planned –

May 5 – Hartford, CTMigrationWorkshop

May 12 – Chicago, IL

Week of May 16 (exact dates TBD) – Delhi and Mumbai India

May 19 – Bangalore India

May 25 – Dallas, TX

June 1 or 2 (TBD) – Houston, TX

June 22 – San Antonio, TX

The team is also looking to set a date for a workshop in London, as well as dates and locations for workshops in Germany, Denmark, and Israel. Workshops are also being planned for Brazil, Mexico, and Columbia.

If you’re interested in attending any of these workshops, or would like to suggest another location and date please contact your IBM Hybrid Cloud Sales Rep and let them know of your interest, leave a comment on this post, or send an email to and we’ll pass your request along to the Migration Team.

Here’s a list of the topics that are covered during the workshop –

  • What is WAS on Cloud
  • What is Bluemix
  • What is WAS on Cloud for Bluemix
  • Entry Points for moving applications to WAS on Cloud (creating new applications, enhancing existing applications, and optimizing your environment/cost reduction)
  • Steps for moving applications to WAS on Cloud (planning, assessment, application & configuration migration)
  • Connecting your WAS on Cloud for Bluemix application to your on-premise resources
  • Defining and implementing you cloud adoption strategy


Whether you’re running WebSphere App Server in your data center, or any one of a number of other Java application servers including Tomcat, JBoss, or WebLogic, the workshop will have you covered. You’ll get hands on experience with IBM’s cloud offerings and get to migrate an application to the cloud and connect it to on-premise resources. As always, there is no cost to attend the workshop.

We look forward to seeing you at one of the workshops!

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