Cloud TCO calculator for WebSphere App Server

Many IBM customers are using cloud in one way or the other, however not many have done a detailed analysis of the true cost of the implementation. Even fewer have done a comparison of the on-prem cost vs. the cost of running in the cloud. Indeed, how do you know which is going to cost less? If you have been asking this same question for your WebSphere Application Server deployments, you can use this new calculator to compare on-prem vs. cloud costs.

One cost category not covered in the tool is the cost of migration from on-prem to the cloud, but you can use this online tool to estimate your migration costs.

The tool is based on collective experience of IBMers and IBM customers who have done deployments of WAS in traditional on-prem environments as well as on IBM Bluemix PaaS platform. The cost of labor, hardware, software, and other elements is an aggregate of the input of many experienced professionals.

The tool was created in a spirit of complete openness. What if you do not agree with some of our conservative assumptions? You can customize spreadsheet according to your taste. Please download the TCO calculator and give it a try, and let us know what you think. We would love to hear your suggestions for improvement as this is evolving tool and we plan on adding a lot of new capabilities in the near future:

excelTCO calculator – WAS on-prem vs Bluemix.xls

The sheets in the workbook are protected to make it easier to use the tool and enter your own configuration data, however if you would like to customize formulas or change assumptions, you can easily remove the protection – no password required. I recommend that you watch this short video tutorial before you start using the tool:


If you do the math and decide that Bluemix is a good fit for what you are trying to do, how do you transition to it? Do you need to pay for both on-prem and cloud environments at the same time? No! Here is a new IBM SaaS Conversion Program that allows you do transition to the cloud and run both workloads without incurring additional unnecessary cost.


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