WebSphere vs. WebLogic competitive positioning white paper

This paper describes technical and cost advantages of IBM WebSphere Application Server over Oracle WebLogic Server. Findings presented here are the result of extensive research conducted by IBM based on publicly available information, including product documentation, user forums, industry conferences, conversations with customers and industry analysts, numerous successful migrations of Oracle WebLogic (WLS) to WebSphere Application Server (WAS), and in-house product tests. In this paper you will learn that:

  • WAS runs 32% faster than WLS on Intel and about twice as fast on Power vs. SPARC;
  • WAS can cost significantly less than WLS;
  • Oracle WLS license agreement has “secret” traps that you can avoid if you switch to WAS;
  • IBM provides a more complete application platform compared to Oracle;
  • IBM offers significantly more mature cloud for running Java EE applications;
  • IBM provides a more lightweight and more developer friendly Java EE runtime;
  • WAS includes intelligent management capabilities not found in WLS;
  • IBM is faster to market with latest Java EE production support;
  • WAS gives you more choices for OS, DBMS and Hypervisor deployment;
  • IBM makes it easy to migrate applications from WLS to WAS.

Download full white paper to learn more:

was vs wls mswordwas vs wls pdf

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  1. Double check the Oracle developer T&Cs. I believe that Weblogic development is now always free even after code goes into production. Think that changed last year or the year before. That tip is for free and in the interest of accurate competitive content being published by all vendors.


    • Rich, thanks for your comment. Latest Oracle Software Investment Guide: http://www.oracle.com/us/corporate/pricing/software-investment-guide/index.html says this about the development licenses:

      QUOTE: “Development-Set up, customization, and modification of software is done in a development environment. Any person doing development work using the software must be licensed. Oracle software may be downloaded for limited development work via the Oracle Technology Network (OTN). Software downloaded from the OTN Website is governed by a special agreement called the OTN Development License. This agreement grants the individual the right to use the programs only in a development environment; licenses obtained under this agreement may not be used in test, production, fail-over, or any other environments. Additionally, customers who want to use any applications developed under an OTN license for internal data processing, commercial or production purposes must secure a Full Use Oracle license for any of the development software licensed under the OTN agreement prior to using the applications for such purposes.”



  1. The state of WebSphere Application Server business – IBM Advantage Blog

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