IBM Bluemix can be an aswer to the Parse developers

When Facebook acquired Parse (MBaaS provider) back in 2013, it planned on growing its business by tapping into a different market – mobile app development. However, things started to change. The Facebook advertising platform has been doing very well lately. Facebook decided to concentrate on this money generating business. In addition, the big IT companies, like IBM, Amazon and Microsoft, have been offering a wider set of services compared to the Parse capabilities; it was difficult to compete with them. So, Parse started to be a liability for Facebook.

On January 28, Facebook announced that it would close Parse. What about developers and 600,000 Parse apps? Facebook will continue to support its Node.js based Parse runtime for one more year (until January 28, 2017). It also provides a migration tooling for the Parse DB.

The Parse customers are at the crossroads now: where to migrate? One of the choices is IBM Bluemix. It is a well established PaaS that provides capabilities found in Parse, plus:

  • Wide array of boilerplates, containers and runtimes
  • Microservices composition and management
  • Mobile, IoT, Integration and Security services
  • Sentiment analysis and Watson analytics
  • DevOps and application services
  • Storage and networking service
  • Enterprise capabilities: scalability, geographically distributed DB, auto-scaling and SLA
  • 3rd party services and more


Bluemix can be easily used as a replacement for the existing Parse apps. Look at the blog on IBM developerWorks that provides a guidelines for migrating Parse apps to Bluemix.




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