Java application server matrix – features, APIs, specs and more

Every week good percentage of my email inbox is filled with questions about features supported in various Java application servers. To make it easier to answer these questions I compiled a matrix comparing the following products (all latest versions as of this writing):

  • IBM WebSphere Application Server v8.5.5.x
  • IBM WebSphere Application Server Liberty Profile
  • Oracle WebLogic Server 12c
  • Red Hat JBoss EAP 6.2
  • Apache Tomcat 7

Some areas of the matrix are still work in progress and I plan on keeping this current as time goes by and new versions of products become available.

I would also appreciate any constructive comments and suggestions on how to make this better. Please post comment below or email me directly (see About page for email) with your suggestions and do not forget to include the link to the source of your information. Click on the image to open The Matrix in Google Sheets (or you could use this alternative HTML only view):


The matrix above is hosted on Google docs and you can download it to your hard drive as Excel document or in other formats supported by Google docs. The idea is to keep a list of features of leading application servers and compare those on a factual basis with links to proper sources for every line in the spreadsheet. Some examples of the features considered in the document include Java EE spec support, web services, scalability, performance, developer productivity, management and administration, platform and DBMS support, troubleshooting tools, security, high availability, etc. To see a full list of features and all comments and ratings, please open the document above.

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4 replies

  1. it’s a good idea to have definzed such a comparison matrix.
    One suggestion : insert and update date indicator in the matrix (global or by feature category)
    and a question related to the previous suggestion : did you update the matrix since august 2014 (JBoss …) ?


  2. You have multiple errors regarding JBoss EAP.


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