IBM BlueMix is now generally available

Today IBM has made its BlueMix PaaS generally available. This marks a very significant step for IBM. In my opinion this step is just as important as introduction of WebSphere Application Server more than 10 years ago. Yes, this is a truly epic step for IBM Software. BlueMix is strategic to IBM software and my discussions with customers show that it is just as important to our customers. I am very excited to see IBM produce such a wonderful product with such an elegant architecture. For those of you not familiar with BlueMix – it is based on open source Cloud Foundry, but IBM added a number of value add features and about 50 services on top of the generic Cloud Foundry base with new services added weekly. And that is how vendors will differentiate their offerings. Since it is the same Cloud Foundry at the core of several PaaS offerings, to differentiate, vendors must provide (1) the choice of add-on services, (2) the quality of service of those services (pardon the pun) and (3) an affordable cost.

Give it a try! Sign up for free BlueMix account today! You will get up to 10 services and up to 2 GB of memory for the free trial account. If you need more, you can contact IBM sales to get a customized free trial environment with higher capacity.


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