IBM Integration Bus vs. leading Open Source ESB – wise people learn from others

When it comes to deploying a piece of infrastructure, clients have a wide selection of products. Some of the clients make decisions based on their previous experience, skills and research. Others take time and effort to evaluate a subset of products in order to select the best one based on their project’s needs.

Are you one of those who are at the crossroads of what ESB to choose for your next project? I can recommend to review a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting, The Total Economic Impact™ Of IBM Integration Bus. This study describes the results of an evaluation of IBM Integration Bus (IIB) and a leading open source ESB conducted by a U.S. based multinational financial services company.

Evaluation results

This financial institution established a set of evaluation criteria in order to derive a comprehensive understanding of the development, operational and financial impact of selecting one of these two ESBs. After several months of testing, the conclusion was to choose IIB. The client cited several key reasons in making this decision. Among them are:

  • Up to 85% higher throughput with IIB
  • IIB had significant advantage in scalability
  • Reduced business risk of failure and downtime
  • Reduced testing effort and time

By combining license and support costs with the financial benefits of using IIB, the client was able to go through a thorough list of pros and cons to justify choosing IIB over an open source alternative:

Forrester IIB study“…potential savings did not outweigh a number of other factors that the organization judged more important, such as performance and reliability…

And this is despite the fact that the open source ESB had a lower initial investment.

Forrester TEI Case Study – download.

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